Our Mission

The Axelrod Contemporary Ballet Theater strives to cultivate an environment rooted in diversity, inspiration, encouragement, and equality where all are welcome and heard. Listening and learning is at the heart of our commitments to change policies, attitudes, and habits that do not align with our core values.  Gabriel Chajnik has assembled a community of skilled artists, each unique and necessary to the growth of AXCBT and its audience.

AXCBT prides itself on its perseverance through the challenges of 2020 and the company’s continuation of dance education. Chajnik and his dancers aim to expand creativity and appreciation for the arts throughout New Jersey, inviting patrons, students, and artists to join them on this gratifying endeavor.

Our Values

  • Education

    • In 2020, AXCBT founded Axelrod Performing Arts Academy (APAA), offering students unique and comprehensive training in dance and theater arts. APAA’s mission strives to make “Performance an essential part of Education and Education an essential part of Performance.”

  • Community 

    • With our two locations in the Monmouth County area, AXCBT aims to inspire our community through a unique performing arts experience. AXCBT welcomes all New Jersey residents to engage with the arts, as they enrich our expanding communities and culture.

  • Inclusion

    • AXCBT celebrates diversity and is committed to creating an inclusive environment where all employees and artists are valued and heard. We strongly believe in fostering a accepting, equitable, and respectful environment without regard for race, color, nationality, religion, disability, sex, genetics, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.


Axelrod Performing Arts Center

Axelrod Contemporary Ballet Theater is a program of the Axelrod Performing Arts Center with performances at the Axelrod PAC located in Deal Park NJ. The Axelrod PAC produces a series of professional theatrical productions a year, including beloved musicals, cabaret-styled tributes, nationally acclaimed music and singing acts, and apprentice-based student productions. A 501c3 organization, the Axelrod PAC receives major funding for its programs from the NJ State Arts Council. Learn more about the Axelrod Performing Arts Center and their upcoming performances and events at AxelrodArtsCenter.com