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due to the generosity of our professional staff and artists.

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Modern-Contemporary Mondays

Intermediate – 3 - 4 pm

with Olivia Miranda

This class encourages dancers to free their bodies and dive into modern and contemporary movement.  The class incorporates a warm-up rooted in ballet, Horton and Graham-based modern, and then invites students to build upon their technique by learning contemporary choreography. A great opportunity to explore a new style of movement!



Dance and Spoken Word

Beginner to Intermediate

3 - 4 pm

with Thomas Ryan Ward

If poetry is the music of the written word – why shouldn't it be coupled with dance? This fun and exploratory class, guided by Fordham University theater educated Thomas Ryan Ward, seeks to combine a myriad of writing styles with contemporary dance. Students of all ages are encouraged to compose their own short poetic pieces and then (with the aid of an AXCBT dance pro) create a wholly original performance embodying both talents.


Limon Technique

Intermediate – 5 - 6 pm

with Jessica Sgambelluri

Limón technique is based on the principles of “fall and recovery”. The body discusses and plays with ideas of suspension, physics within the body, breath, and inevitability. In Limón repertoire, José Limón amplifies the resilience of the human spirit and connection; making it a technique each person can identify and relate to. 



Ballet Guest Artist Series

Beginners – 4 - 5 pm

with Tuiana Balzhieva

Starts at the very beginning and is designed for students who are completely new to ballet or rediscovering their love for it.


Beginner Horton

Beginners – 5 - 6 pm

with Lindsay Jorgensen

Diving into the Horton technique, this high-energy class is designed to develop dancers’ strength, flexibility, endurance, and musicality.



"Movers & Shakers"

Preschool – 10:30 – 11 am

with Wendy Roman

You’re never too young to dance and begin learning the basics. Our ‘Movers & Shakers’ class is a great way to start your preschool-aged child’s love for dance and movement!


Acting for Dancers

Beginner to Intermediate

3 - 4 pm

with Thomas Ryan Ward

Understanding the craft of acting is an essential tool for becoming a truly well-rounded dancer. This class focuses on students' expressing themselves fully onstage to interpret and communicate their character. Special guest speakers in the entertainment industry will be invited. No dance experience necessary.



Triple Threat – Musical Theater Jazz

Beginner to Intermediate

5:15 – 6:15 pm

with Wendy Roman

Musical theater students can sometimes lack confidence in their dance training and may worry about how this will affect their chances for success down the road on Broadway. This class is for teens interested in honing their dance technique in a supportive, encouraging, and fun environment. This is a dynamic, high-energy class to get a leg up for your auditions!


Dance Performance Workshop

Intermediate to Advanced

4 – 5 pm

with Gabriel Chajnik

Excellent for ballet and contemporary dancers, this workshop is designed to maintain and improve a classical technique that supports and enhances each dancer’s objectives.


Challenging and enjoyable, relaxed but focused, this class keeps the bar high in a supportive and encouraging environment.

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